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Minimalist Monday: Complaining is not a Conversation

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Minimalist Monday? Wait! Isn't today Tuesday?!? Oh, no! Last week I lost an hour and this week I've already lost a day! Why does this always happen to me?

I've written before about how complaining is not a conversation. Now, let me start out by saying I'm not perfect. I gripe and complain, too, but I'm really working on it ...

Minimalist Monday: Traveling

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Ahhhh, it feels so good to be traveling again. I'm about halfway through my current trip, going between Austin, Dallas and San Diego. The best part about it is that I only brought a carry-on. Yep, 12 days of travel, book signings, meet-ups, a pot luck and more with only a carry-on! For a full list of events I will be at, click here ...

Minimalist Monday: My Sister

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The Minimalist Monday series is back by popular demand! I constantly get questions asking when it would be coming back. The first post is from my sister Courtney about how a minimalist life found her. Below is her story.

I've never been much of a minimalist, although I never really needed to. I've always been very good about maximizing the space I have ...

How I Started Cooking 1 Day a Week

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Hi Herbies! It is Courtney again. I am asked about saving time and ways to be more efficient, and one of the easiest ways I have found is by cooking 1 day a week. Let me start by saying that my life before moving to Colorado was busy. Very busy. I had a full-time and part-time job, plus working out 3 times a week. During ...

Politely Interrupting

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Last week I posted about eating out with friends, and handling questions about being on a plant-based diet. Then I got questions about the situations where you overhear people talking and you want to say something.

Is it different if they are strangers talking in the locker room or co-workers you see in the break room? I'm not saying you should eavesdrop on every ...