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Minimalist Monday: Be Less Angry

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It may surprise you to learn that I've struggled with anger. I'm generally a happy, upbeat and optimistic person - a real people pleaser, so my anger has always eluded me. 

I wouldn't say I'm a hot head or have a short fuse. For example, I don't get road rage or mad at the waiter if my dinner is wrong. If ...

Minimalist Monday: RV Living

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This Minimalist Monday you're in for a treat -- I met Jeanine via email and was inspired by her lifestyle -- namely she lives freely in an RV. I imagine RV living takes "minimalism" to a whole new level, so I asked Jeanine if she'd guest post. I love her message here about happiness, I hope you're as inspired by her as I am ...

Minimalist Monday: Cooking Necessities

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When I lived in St Maarten, and was writing EHH, I didn't have all my pots and pans and fancy appliances to cook with.  All I took to the island from New York were my 2 sharp knives, a blender and my measuring cups and spoons! (I probably didn’t need the measuring cups and spoons but wasn’t sure if I could find ...

Minimalist Monday: Live Intentionally

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If you didn't catch the news on Facebook or Twitter, I'm moving to Montreal in May and Germany (Bavaria) in August.

I always enjoy the responses and reactions of others to my relocation news. Most people send a warm congrats and leave an expression such as "how exciting!" Those that have lived or traveled to my new homes often offer help or suggestions ...

Minimalist Monday: Complaining is not a Conversation

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Minimalist Monday? Wait! Isn't today Tuesday?!? Oh, no! Last week I lost an hour and this week I've already lost a day! Why does this always happen to me?

I've written before about how complaining is not a conversation. Now, let me start out by saying I'm not perfect. I gripe and complain, too, but I'm really working on it ...