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Minimalist Monday: Pantry & Spice Rack Organization

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This question bubbled up on Facebook . 

"I'm sure you have a ton of spices. How do you keep them organized?"

I don't know that I have that many. Compared to my one friend's house (who is proud that she has basil, in addition to salt and pepper!) I suppose I have quite a few but in comparison the the wall of spices ...

Minimalist Monday: A Budding Minimalist

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Meet Meg, a budding minimalist who is sharing her journey with us!

I'm a budding minimalist. I'm 31, and finally ready to get rid of the clutter that has, on occasion, kept me from fully enjoying my home. It has made putting clothes in the closet a nightmare and kept me from opening my coat closet for fear of a shoe avalanche. My ...

Minimalist Monday: Declutter Your Bathroom

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Apologies to my guy readers in advanced for the tampon TMI. I couldn't find another way to tell the story. (We're all adults right? )

I was visiting a friend recently when I realized I needed a tampon. Normally I carry a spare in my purse but my purse wasn't with me so I opened the bathroom door slightly and called out to ...

Minimalist Monday: Breaking the Cycle

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I used to be the kind of person that wouldn't allow myself to deal with the emotions I was feeling- when I was feeling them. I would bottle them up and they would show their head in ways that I hadn't intended. I'd take my anger out on the wrong person, or would cry at even the simplest thing like feeling as ...

Minimalist Monday: Don't Focus on the Undone

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One of my self-improvement projects this year was to read more business books and blogs. I don't have visions of building an empire, but I realized knowing a little bit about business could go a long way for me - -both with Happy Herbivore and my personal life.

Anyway, one of the people I follow as part of this project is Jason Womack. I stumbled ...