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I overheard a conversation between a mother and her teenager in the waiting room of my dentist office that made me rethink the concept of "a waste of time." 

The teenager was saying something we've all said: "WHY do I have to study algebra? I'll never use this!" (or maybe substitute "algebra" for another subject you didn't care for.) 

I've certainly felt that way at times -- both in high school, and college and even law ...

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I love seeing what HH fans cooked up during the week!

@NearlyVeganDC sent us this picture of the Mediterranean Pizza from last week's meal plan .

Giselle sent us this picture of the waffles from Happy Herbivore Abroad-  newsletter subscribers got a sneak peek of the recipe (make sure you subscribe - we might have another peek coming up!)

@VeggieFy sent in this picture of the Teriyaki Chickpeas .

Becky posted on Facebook : "As I went to put ...

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This question bubbled up on Facebook . 

"I'm sure you have a ton of spices. How do you keep them organized?"

I don't know that I have that many. Compared to my one friend's house (who is proud that she has basil, in addition to salt and pepper!) I suppose I have quite a few but in comparison the the wall of spices at the grocery store, I'm way understocked. 

Anyway, I have about 20 spices ...

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Meet Meg, a budding minimalist who is sharing her journey with us!

I'm a budding minimalist. I'm 31, and finally ready to get rid of the clutter that has, on occasion, kept me from fully enjoying my home. It has made putting clothes in the closet a nightmare and kept me from opening my coat closet for fear of a shoe avalanche. My husband and I are childfree, so we can't even blame kids for the clutter. It ...

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Apologies to my guy readers in advanced for the tampon TMI. I couldn't find another way to tell the story. (We're all adults right? )

I was visiting a friend recently when I realized I needed a tampon. Normally I carry a spare in my purse but my purse wasn't with me so I opened the bathroom door slightly and called out to my friend, asking if I could have one of hers. She yelled back to help ...

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