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I used to be the kind of person that wouldn't allow myself to deal with the emotions I was feeling- when I was feeling them. I would bottle them up and they would show their head in ways that I hadn't intended. I'd take my anger out on the wrong person, or would cry at even the simplest thing like feeling as though someone gave me a rude look.

Coming from a minimalist position, all this extra ...

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One of my self-improvement projects this year was to read more business books and blogs. I don't have visions of building an empire, but I realized knowing a little bit about business could go a long way for me - -both with Happy Herbivore and my personal life.

Anyway, one of the people I follow as part of this project is Jason Womack. I stumbled upon Jason at SXSW and am currently reading his book, Your Best Just Got Better ...

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I'm still having a love affair with baking soda. I wash my face with baking soda every day, but I also use it as a deodorant, shampoo and household cleaner.

I can't begin to say how happy this makes my inner minimalist. I'm saving so much money that I used to spend on expensive face products, "natural" deodorants, pricey "eco" house cleaners and fancy salon shampoos. Plus I don't have a gaggle of products under the ...

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The universe taught me a great lesson last week. "Today's lesson: Just because you haven't climbed to the top of the mountain yet, doesn't mean you won't make it to the summit. It just means you're still climbing." I'd expected (or, well, had been blissfully optimistic) I'd reach a goal of mine last week and when the results came in and that goal wasn't reached, I was upset...for about 25 seconds ...
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The universe is always teaching me something and I try to share these lessons I've learned on my personal Facebook page. Recently, I shared this lesson:

The best way to move past an issue is to stop drawing attention to it and talking about it.

Several of my friends left really thought-provoking comments in response:

"This a thousand times! I'm always amazed by people who wait till a fire is almost out to throw gasoline on it and ...

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