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Since I never set out to create Happy Herbivore (or have this career with Happy Herbivore), I've always had a "react" approach to things.

Happy Herbivore started out as a blog — a little creative outlet for me. When I started blogging in 2007, I had no idea that my blog would turn into one cookbook, let alone 6. Or that those books would become bestsellers and afford me the opportunity to fly around the country doing cooking demos and ...

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Several years ago, a friend's parents retired, sold their house, and bought a sailboat.

They — we'll call them Dave and Karen — sailed around the world (quite literally) for years. Although I get seasick just looking at a boat, I couldn't help but be envious.

Anyway, a few years after they'd been "living at sea," they'd docked for a long summer back at home. This was, in part, because my friend (their son) was graduating college ...

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I've had this minimalist column for a little more than a year (I can't believe it!) and looking back over all the posts (just click the "minimalist" button to catch all of them), there seem to be two clear themes I talk about the most: reducing "stuff" and personal journeys toward happiness. This makes sense, I suppose, since my goal with being a minimalist was to have less stuff (and thereby, more freedom, more time, and more money ...

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I know I'm always preaching "less is more" (and it is!) on Minimalist Monday; but that begs the question, well, what can you do with the stuff you're getting rid of? 

I'm always quick to suggest donation and recycling (both terrific options!), but wouldn't it be great if being a minimalist also put cash in your pocket?

I mean, yes, in the grand scheme of things, being a minimalist does mean more money in your pocket because ...

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Last Monday, I mentioned that I had come across an article titled "Conquering Clutter" in the October issue of Healthy Beginnings lifestyle magazine that I found quite fascinating from a minimalist perspective.

The first part of the article talked about the negative effects of clutter (which I discussed last week ), but the second part went to the psychology of why we might be cluttered people in the first place. 

According to Milligan, "Most cluttered people have high creativity ...

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