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Minimalist Monday: Cathy's Tips (Guest Post)

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After reading some of my minimalist posts, Cathy started making changes in her home and sent in pictures of her progress. She also graciously agreed to let me share them on this column, along with her commentary.

Cathy says, "I am enjoying Minimalist Monday and like you, I think I have a bit of OCD, as it makes me crazy to not know where everything ...

Minimalist Monday: No Regrets

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What could be more minimalist than having no regrets and no emotional baggage? (It may not be physical, but less is more there too!)

A few months ago, someone noted all the (self-inflicted) moves I had in the last 10 years or so: Charleston, Boston, Manhattan, Los Angeles, Colorado, Abroad — just to name a few, and asked if I'd ever regretted any of those ...

Minimalist Monday: Change is Hard, but Good

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My life is always changing — most often, it's my surroundings. I like to think I'm the type of personality that rolls around in change. Really wallows in it. It's true: I like the challenge and excitement of the new and unknown, but there have been changes in my life — changes that were made for me and thrust upon me that I wasn ...

Minimalist Monday: Learning to Say No

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Since I never set out to create Happy Herbivore (or have this career with Happy Herbivore), I've always had a "react" approach to things.

Happy Herbivore started out as a blog — a little creative outlet for me. When I started blogging in 2007, I had no idea that my blog would turn into one cookbook, let alone 6. Or that those books would become ...

Minimalist Monday: The 1-In, 1-Out Rule

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Several years ago, a friend's parents retired, sold their house, and bought a sailboat.

They — we'll call them Dave and Karen — sailed around the world (quite literally) for years. Although I get seasick just looking at a boat, I couldn't help but be envious.

Anyway, a few years after they'd been "living at sea," they'd docked for a long summer ...