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Minimalist Monday: No Regrets

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What could be more minimalist than having no regrets and no emotional baggage? (It may not be physical, but less is more there too!)

A few months ago, someone noted all the (self-inflicted) moves I had in the last 10 years or so: Charleston, Boston, Manhattan, Los Angeles, Colorado, Abroad — just to name a few, and asked if I'd ever regretted any of those ...

Minimalist Monday: Change is Hard, but Good

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My life is always changing — most often, it's my surroundings. I like to think I'm the type of personality that rolls around in change. Really wallows in it. It's true: I like the challenge and excitement of the new and unknown, but there have been changes in my life — changes that were made for me and thrust upon me that I wasn ...

Minimalist Monday: Learning to Say No

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Since I never set out to create Happy Herbivore (or have this career with Happy Herbivore), I've always had a "react" approach to things.

Happy Herbivore started out as a blog — a little creative outlet for me. When I started blogging in 2007, I had no idea that my blog would turn into one cookbook, let alone 6. Or that those books would become ...

Minimalist Monday: The 1-In, 1-Out Rule

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Several years ago, a friend's parents retired, sold their house, and bought a sailboat.

They — we'll call them Dave and Karen — sailed around the world (quite literally) for years. Although I get seasick just looking at a boat, I couldn't help but be envious.

Anyway, a few years after they'd been "living at sea," they'd docked for a long summer ...

Minimalist Monday: Fly the Kite (Happy 5th Birthday, Happy Herbivore!)

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I've had this minimalist column for a little more than a year (I can't believe it!) and looking back over all the posts (just click the "minimalist" button to catch all of them), there seem to be two clear themes I talk about the most: reducing "stuff" and personal journeys toward happiness. This makes sense, I suppose, since my goal with being a ...