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Minimalist Monday Q&A (Part 2): Your Minimalist Questions Answered

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You've got questions... about minimalism! This is the second post in our two-part Minimalist Monday series answering your fantastic questions about minimalism.

You and your husband often move internationally. In fact, I am amazed and jealous. Do you take any furniture, appliances or bedding etc...with you? Do you have staples that go everywhere? Once you get there, do you end up spending extra ...

Minimalist Monday Q&A (Part 1): Your Minimalist Questions Answered

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You've got questions... about minimalism! This Minimalist Monday is the first post in a two-part series, in which I will be answering questions from you, my beloved Herbies, about the minimalist journey — both mine and yours!

What are the basics of minimalism?

This is the beauty of minimalism. There are no "rules" or "requirements." You only need to decide to become a minimalist and ...

Minimalist Monday: How to Be a Minimalist Family with Kids! (Guest Post by Jacqueline)

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This first Minimalist Monday of May, we have a special guest post from Jacqueline — Herbie mom of HOW Kids Talia and Jacob and fellow minimalist! Jacqueline serves up minimalist tips on her own blog, Barefoot Essence, and she put together some highlights from her family's inspiring minimalist experience for us. 

Less Space = Less Stuff = More Life 

I always thought I kept a pretty simple ...

Minimalist Monday: Minimizing Household Chores (So They Don't Consume a Weekend)

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For most of my adult life (read: since I moved out of my parent's house), I've found myself doing a weekend-long household cleaning every couple of months. 

Work, school, life — I was busy! I tried to keep my place tidy and I'd do little cleanings like wiping down the kitchen counter, but I couldn't clean — really clean — my home that often ...

Minimalist Monday: Reduce Waste (Reducing for Earth Day) + Plastic-Free Life (Book) Giveaway

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I have to admit, I was a little giddy when I realized Earth Day was on a Monday! I've wanted to do a minimalist post on reducing (vs. recycling) for ages. I've also been dying to do a post on living more eco-friendly (i.e., plastic-free) since that's a (green) road my minimalism has taken me down, too... and, well, the stars ...