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For most of my adult life (read: since I moved out of my parent's house), I've found myself doing a weekend-long household cleaning every couple of months. 

Work, school, life — I was busy! I tried to keep my place tidy and I'd do little cleanings like wiping down the kitchen counter, but I couldn't clean — really clean — my home that often. It was a lot of work and took a great deal of time to vacuum ...

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I have to admit, I was a little giddy when I realized Earth Day was on a Monday! I've wanted to do a minimalist post on reducing (vs. recycling) for ages. I've also been dying to do a post on living more eco-friendly (i.e., plastic-free) since that's a (green) road my minimalism has taken me down, too... and, well, the stars aligned! (Or at least my calendars did!)

A little back story: The core of minimalism ...

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I try not to get my wisdom from television — but a few weeks ago, a character said this line and I can't seem to get rid of it. It's been on loop in my life:

"At some point, it's not about giving up. It's about accepting your new reality."

In recent months, I've come to realize that while I love change, I only love change that I initiate. I don't wallow in change that ...

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I've been on "hiatus" for the past three months, and today is technically my first day "back to work."

What did I learn on hiatus? I am the worst hiatus taker ever. 

If you follow me (personally, not HH) on Facebook, you already know this. At one point my friend Candy wrote, "I think hiatus just isn't your thing." True.

However, I did keep my promise of not doing any radio interviews, publicity tours, or speaking engagements (except ...

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I've been plant-based longer than I've been a minimalist and when I decided to live a life of less, my plant-based diet wasn't so much as a passing thought. After all, what could my diet have to do with my choice to buy less stuff and de-clutter?

Though as time has gone on, I've realized just how interconnected these two lifestyle designs are. It isn't just that both have brought me happiness and a sort ...

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