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Meal Plan: Black Eyed Peas

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Don't let this week's slightly longer shopping list scare you off---it looks like a lot but most of it is things like flours, baking powder and spices that you already have on hand. Seriously, download it and you'll be checking all the boxes right away.

Download the PDF here

We took care to celebrate the black eyed pea this week with a Creole and Caribbean recipe! We also added an easy stir-fry for your busiest night! Almost all of these recipes can be made in advance and only get better as leftovers... so get cookin'


Foodie Friday: Dark and Stormy

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Hi Herbies! It's Andrea :] Happy Friday!! Here's a peek at Happy Herbivore Headquarters and what we've been eating this week!

I have started every morning this week with a Green Goddess Smoothie. To be honest, I used to make these before HH HQ and I often had problems getting the consistency to be tolerable. I think HH's tip to blend the dates and water together first is what does the trick. I even double fisted Green Goddess Smoothies one morning....I'll be plant strong in no time ;) These are so good, even Lily Bean tried to get in on the action!

Scott blogged about tofu this week and Lindsay made a video about tofu, so we had plenty in the fridge. For lunch, we had Breakfast  Burritos (p 19). We put spinach and black beans in ours, and added salsa later before wrapping them in tortillas. So many people commented about putting beans in a tofu scramble...try it! It definitely adds to the burrito theme :)

I made Baked Shells and Cheese (p. 156) for dinner one night and added broccoli. HH is actually allergic to broccoli, so we had to keep some separate without the green trees. I made my own bread crumbs by baking some wheat bread and crushing it over the top of the casserole.

We also had quick black bean burgers this week. Lindsay added spinach into the mix so we could sneak some greens in. I didn't take a picture of it but I added pineapple on top of my burger, I swear..it's good. 

We also ate salads this week and this has to be my favorite picture of the week. I mean, c'mon....how many bowls of lettuce does it take to feed the Herbivores? ;)

This week I had my first Dark and Stormy. It's a Caribbean drink that Lindsay likes and there's ginger beer in it. And rum. Very dark rum. I didn't hate it. 

Have a great weekend! 

Vegan Emergency Kit

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I've been getting requests all day about what foods a vegan can have on hand in case of an emergency.

I lived in Florida for years (was there during Andrew) and now I live on a small island where hurricanes and the loss of electricity are always a real threat. 

Here's what we do to be prepared:

We keep plenty of canned goods on hand---canned beans and canned vegetables. Black beans and corn might not be the most exciting meal, but it will do in an emergency.

We also keep peanut butter and shelf-stable crackers on hand. Other good things to have are fruit such as apples and oranges, that can stand to go without refrigeration. 

Dry hummus mixes are also good (not the tastiest, but they do)--many of them just require adding water and mixing. 

I also have lots of shelf-stable tofu (Mori-Nu) which really isn't all that bad with mustard (which doesn't need refrigeration). 

Remember that the key is survival---any vegan food is good food when you're hungry. Don't forget about your pets! Make sure you have plenty of food and bottled water for them as well.

Stay safe!