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We're ushering in the arrival of fall with all sorts of healthy, seasonal dishes on this week's meal plan!

Pumpkin Lentil Tacos (NEW!), Cinnamon & Butternut Chickpeas (NEW!), Fall Quinoa Bake (NEW!), and Butternut Home Fries (NEW!) are all new and capture the taste of autumn.

Also new on this week's menu: BBQ Ranch Sweet Potato Pizza (NEW!)!

Dig in!

BBQ Ranch Sweet Potato Pizza

Individual Highlights

  • Pumpkin Lentil Tacos (NEW!)
  • Cinnamon & Butternut Chickpeas (NEW!)
  • Almond Broccoli Noodles ...
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We're celebrating Lindsay's birthday all week long with this week's very special meal plan!

Baked Birthday Cake Oatmeal (NEW!), Potato Nachos (NEW!), Veggie Bagel Sandwich (NEW!), Cassoulet (NEW!) and Curried Chickpea Bowl (NEW!) are the new gifts that keep on giving this week!

You'll also find some of Lindsay's all-time favorites like the Portobello Steak Dinner (fam.), Quick Burgers, Hummus & Olive Wraps & BBQ Sloppy Joes.

Baked Birthday Cake Oatmeal

Individual Highlights

  • Potato Nachos (NEW!)
  • BBQ Sloppy Joes
  • Cassoulet (NEW!)
  • Veggie Bagel Sandwich (NEW!)
  • Quick Burgers
  • Baked Birthday Cake Oatmeal (NEW!)
  • Curried Chickpea Bowl (NEW!)

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Potato Nachos

Family Highlights

  • Cassoulet (NEW!)
  • Quick Burgers & Carrot "Fries"
  • Portobello Steak Dinner
  • Curried Chickpea Bowl (NEW!)
  • BBQ Sloppy Joes
  • Southwest Pasta Salad
  • Potato Nachos (NEW!)

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"I love the meal plans ...

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If you're looking to add some excitement back into your cooking, this week's meal plan will do the trick!

Fajita Salad (NEW!), Italian Noodle Soup (NEW!), Maple Orange Chickpeas (NEW!), and Fresh Vegetable Quinoa Salad (NEW!) are all brand new and ready to cause a party in your mouth!

On top of our new recipes, you'll also get to enjoy the Sweet Potato & Pea Curry, 5 Spice Harmony Bowl (indi) and Soft Shell Chickpea Tacos (fam.).

Fajita Salad

Individual Highlights

  • Fajita Salad (NEW!)
  • Italian Noodle Soup (NEW!)
  • 5 Spice Harmony Bowl
  • Cinnamon Roll Oatmeal (NEW!)
  • Fresh Vegetable Quinoa Salad (NEW!)
  • Sweet Potato & Pea Curry
  • Maple Orange Chickpeas (NEW!)

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Italian Noodle Soup

Family Highlights

  • Maple ...
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This week's meal plan is jam-packed with healthy and flavorful new eats!

Enjoy soon-to-be favorites like the Pizza Chickpeas (NEW!), 7-Layer Vegetable Sandwich (NEW!), Mexican Lasagna (NEW!, fam), Thai Stuffed Sweet Potatoes (NEW!) and White Bean Chili (NEW!).

As usual, all the recipes are fuss-free, delicious, and perfect for the back-to-school rush!

Mexican Lasagna

Individual Highlights

  • White Bean Chili (NEW!)
  • Vegetable Korma
  • Cherry Almond Oatmeal (NEW!)
  • Chili Fries
  • Thai Stuffed Sweet Potato (NEW!)
  • Pizza Chickpeas (NEW!)
  • 7-Layer Vegetable Sandwich ...
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