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Quick & Easy Plant-Based (Vegan) Recipes Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Holiday

Everyone is trying to save time these days. Whatever the reason, there are many healthy recipes that are also quick, simple, and easy. Whether it's breakfast or a quick dinner, I have some suggestions

To save some time in the morning, try:

Plant-Based (Vegan) Chili Recipe Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Holiday

A friend of mine was in a Chili Cookoff last week and came in 2nd place. I told him he should have asked me for a recipe and maybe he would have won first!

A nice bowl of warm chili can ease the winter blues and bring people together. There are dozens of chili societies that host cookoffs throught the world, with some being solely vegetarian or vegan cookoffs!

While most vegetarian chili focuses on black, kideny, or pinto beans, chickpeas are the ...

Plant-Based (Vegan) Restaurants Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Holiday

More and more plant-based (vegan) or veg-friendly restaurants are opening their doors, and more established restaurants have at least a vegetarian item notated on the menu. You can even use online sites to help you find them, like happycow - who lists vegan and veg-friendly restaurants with customer reviews.

Even at these restaurants, oil-free meals can be a bit challenging, but usually a restaurant can accommodate us when we ask for it. Sometimes I will have to pick a different dish ...

Valentine's Day Ideas Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Holiday

Valentines Day is 4 days away! Have you thought about what do do for that special someone (even if that someone is yourself)? Whether its breakfast in bed or a decedent dessert, we have some suggestions for healthy and delicious treats!

Some ideas for a morning indulgence:

For a sweet and healthy way to end the ...

Super Bowl Menu Suggestions Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Holiday

Trying to decide what to make for your Super Bowl Party? I have some suggestions.

Super Bowl is this Sunday. As you know I am not a football fan, although my sister is. It's a good thing she moved here at the end of the season, since we don't have TV. I'm not sure what she's going to do on Sunday ...

Whether you are throwing a big party, going to one, or just hanging out in ...


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