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I've cut my fingers dozens of times with cheap kitchen knives. 

How many times do you think I've cut myself with a good chef's knife? 

Once. An it was because I let the knife get too dull.

Cheap knives have flexible blades and are generally harder to cut with. You much more likely to slip and cut yourself if you don't have a proper knife.

I really trust a chef's knife to slice ...

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Question: I strength train pretty intensely and am supposed to have 20-25g protein every three hours. I’ve tried the low sugar soy protein and it makes me gag. I can’t eat beans that often...suggestions?

**This is not medical advice. Talk to your doctor before changing your diet.**

I used to be a personal trainer (true! fun fact!) I don’t know the specifics of your body, or your work out program, but 20-25g of protein every three ...

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A few weeks ago on Facebook, I asked people to share what "vegan" means to them -- to answer the question what is vegan? There were so many answers; so many different viewpoints. A real reminder that the vegan community is just as diverse as any other community.

What brought us to a vegan (or plant-based) diet is unique for each of us. What it means to us, how it is interwoven in our lives -- we all are walking our own ...

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What are your top three (or five, etc) tips for making the switch to veganism? Do you have a beginners shopping list for getting the pantry/fridge stocked when first starting out?

For a beginner’s shopping list (complete with video!) go here. I also have a blog post with transitioning plans here.

That said:

1. Quoting my husband, “Stop looking for meat on your plate.” The Western mentality is that a meal is meat with a small side of ...

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A reader recently asked me; “How can you keep energy levels up in a healthy way? (Instead of energy drinks, etc). You are a POWERHOUSE!”

When this question came in, and I read it out loud, Andrea & I started giggling--not at the question but at the thought of me cracked out on an energy drink. I have far too much energy naturally (Andrea gripes that I’m an evil“morning person” because I roll out of bed saying “hello morning ...

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