Eat This. Not That: 10 Rules for Making Healthy Choices

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: FAQ

My Dad has been after me to write him a list of rules to follow -- to make sure he was always making healthy choices when dining out (or making a meal at home). Well, Dad, I finally did it!

10 rules for Making Healthy Choices:

1. Order brown rice instead of white rice.

2. Pack carrots instead of chips in your lunch.

3. Choose whole wheat bread instead of white bread.

4. Use low-fat or fat-free (plain, unsweetened) vegan yogurt instead of mayonaise. 

5. Order a side of steamed vegetables instead of a side of fries.

6. Replace half the pasta with vegetables. 

7. Eat a salad once a day. No negotiating. 

8. Order sorbet instead of ice cream.

9. Use agave or raw sugar instead of white sugar. 

10. Have a drink or dessert. Not both. 

Do you have any tips or rules for healthy eating? (please share in comments!)

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