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I today would be a great day to post this easy, pantry-inspired dish since most of us will probably be glued to the boob tube all night, anxiously awaiting for our next president (yay! Obama!). This dish is a little spicy, ridiculously easy to make, inexpensive *and* incredibly filling. It takes traditional 'red beans and rice' to a new, sassy and firey level! Plus with brown rice, its much more nutritious! adoboredbeansrice.JPG

1 1/2 cups cooked brown rice

14oz can ...

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Pancakes. Healthy, Healthy Pancakes.

oil-free pancakes.JPG

If you've never made pancakes before, these aren't the pancakes you want to make on your 'maiden voyage.' Likewise, if you've never had whole wheat pancakes before, you might want to try whole wheat pancakes with oil first. That doesn't mean these pancakes aren't fabulous - because they are, but you definately need to be on your way to a pancake master to get the BEST results.

oil-free vegan pancakes.JPG

By the way, these pancakes ...

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This mock tuna salad is absolutely delicious and makes for a quick lunch! I looove it! I like to serve it on sprouted whole wheat bread and Scott likes to serve it on toasted whole wheat.

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The perfect compliment for root vegetables is maple syrup. Watch kids and vegetable haters go for seconds with this magic recipe!


Links from people who have made this dish: Maple Veggies

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This dish is frakkin' AWESOME. I try not to play favorites with my recipes, but this dish just safely landed in mine (and Scott's) top five. Add in the fact that its cheap and easy to make, and, well, that makes it creep up to #1 on some lists. For me, though, the best part is the birth of this dish.


Here in LA all of the Chinese joints have huge "we sell Hawaiian BBQ" signs in their windows ...

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