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With summer coming to an end at rapid speed, I decided to make an old BBQ favorite, ribs. These puppies are so meaty its uncanny and they are ridiculously easy to make, too. I've been baking them in my toaster oven and have had great success!


Vegan Ribs

For the Ribs, I use this recipe, but I add 1 tsp of liquid smoke and a few dashes of paprika. I also like to use my South Carolina bbq sauce recipe ...

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My recipe for mock tuna salad is a staple meal for Scott & I. It and comes in handy on nights when I'm too tired to cook or its too hot in the apartment to do anything else. I decided to get a little fancy the other night and made "tuna melts" which are very popular here in New York City by way of their "invention" in neighboring New Jersey.

 mock tuna salad


vegan tuna melt

For the "Tuna" Melts, toast 4 whole wheat ...

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I've been making my own homemade vegan ice cream for a while now, but have been missing the thick, fudgey syrup of my past. There are a few vegan versions on the market but I wanted to see if I could do it myself. Turns out making homemade chocolate syrup is ridiculously easy and delicious! Whether you want a thick, chocolate fudge topping on your ice cream or a thinner chocolate syrup, this recipe can do it!

 homemade vegan chocolate syrup


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For whatever reason, green bean casserole never found its way to any Thanksgiving dinner I ever attended.  I once asked my Mother to make it for dinner and she looked at me like I was crazy space alien. "You don't like mushrooms or onions, Lindsay." Mom made a good point. I probably would have hated green bean casserole as a child. Thankfully, I've grown out of my bizarre food preferences from childhood and since discovered how wonderful ...

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Oh yes I did! The other night I couldn't shake a craving for a brownie. I'm not much of a chocoaholic usually, but I was in the mood and studying for the bar exam, so I figured, why not give myself a little treat? I've seen microwave brownie and chocolate cake recipes on blogs before but they use microwaves and I sadly don't have one in my new apartment. It was also 9:30 p.m ...

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