Fat-Free Vegan Neapolitan Smoothie

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Recipe

Although day 1 of HH30 was a bit bumpy for me, day 2 was smooth sailing. I even managed to create this killer smoothie recipe. It tastes just like Neapolitan ice cream (a combo of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry) only it's instant to make and a whole lot healthier!

Now you can have "ice cream" for breakfast! 

By the way, I was featured on Women's Day magazine on Friday. Go check out my healthy snack tips!

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Recipe:Neapolitan Smoothie

Picture of Neapolitan Smoothie


This smoothie changed my life... it's like Neapolitan ice cream... but better!



Combine all ingredients together in a blender and whiz until smooth, adding more non-dairy milk as necessary.