Back to School Herbies (Part 2): Sandwich Ideas (Make Exciting School and Work Lunches!)

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We've declared this Back to School Week here on the blog, and turns out, August is also National Sandwich Month! (Coincidence? I think not!) So today, we're talking about taking sandwiches from ordinary to extraordinary (I love PB&J, but notevery day — let's get some variety up in here!). 

Historically, it's said that the 4th Earl of Sandwich is to thank for coming up with the sandwich. His inspiration? A meal you can eat with one hand that won't interfere with your gambling. Today, they're the go-to lunch item and offer endless options for a healthy, plant-based lunch to be excited about! Here's a list of sandwiches, wraps, and burgers from the blog and cookbooks that work awesomely in school or work lunches. 

And if you missed it, check out Part 1 of our Back to School series for on-the-go snacks to go with your drool-worthy lunch.

Here are my tips on how to assemble a crave-worthy sandwich from basics you have in the kitchen:

1. Start with any whole-wheat (or GF) bread, bun, baguette, pita, or wrap you like.

2. Consider non-traditional spreads and sauces! Try different hummus flavors or a fun twist on ketchup, mustard, or mayo (see the list below for ideas). Marinara sauce and cheesy spreads make sandwiches divine and are a great use for leftovers.

3. Speaking of leftovers, repurpose your dinner leftovers into fantastic sandwiches! The HH loafs and burgers are great in sandwiches (I even love most of them cold!).

4. Stack your sandwich with lots of veggies and fruit! Greens and tomato are at home on almost any sandwich, but don't forget about other less sandwich-conventional produce like sprouts, cucumbers, olive, carrot rounds, apple slices, banana, strawberries — almost anything you love in a salad is just as delish between bread slices or in a wrap.

HH Sandwiches, Wraps, and Burgers

Breakfast Sandwiches — HHC, page 20

German Sandwich Spread — HHA, page 52

“Tuna” Salad — HHC, page 113

Eggless Salad — EHH, page 74

Curried Chickpea Sandwich

Salsa Chickpea Lettuce Wraps — HHC, page 93

Smoky Black Bean Wraps — HHC, page 95

BBQ Chop Wrap — HHC, page 91

Hummus — HHA, page 195

Hummus and Veggies

Sweet Slaw — EHH, page 223

Grilled Cheeze — EHH, page 78

Meatball Subs — HHC, page 109

“Oyster” Po’Boys — EHH, page 76

Tofu Fish Filet

Island Portobello Burgers — EHH, page 88

Black Bean Burgers — HHC, page 86

Kidney-Quinoa Burgers — EHH, page 85

Masala Burgers — EHH, page 83

Mushroom Burgers — HHC, page 89

Pinto Burgers — EHH, page 86

Quick Burgers — EHH, page 81

Soul Burgers — HHC, page 90

Tempeh Joes — HHC, page 111

Wizard Roll-Ups — HHC, page 96

Leftovers Repurposed!

Bean Cakes — HHC, page 247

Cuban Black Bean Cakes — EHH, page 185

Hippie Loaf — HHC, page 144

Tempeh Meatloaf — EHH, page 180

Cajun Meatloaf — HHC, page 141

Lentil Loaf — HHA, page 257

Chickpea Tenders — EHH, page 182

Portobello Steaks — HHC, page 148

Sauces and Spreads

Nutty Spread — HHC, page 253

Chipotle Mayo — EHH, page 266

Curry Ketchup — HHA, page 191

“Honey” Mustard — EHH, page 269

Low-Fat Guacamole — HHC, page 231

Masala Mayo — EHH, page 267

Mayo — HHC, page 271; EHH, page 272; HHA, page 233

Southern-Style BBQ Sauce — HHC, page 256

Smoky Cajun Mayo — EHH, page 267

Quick Marinara Sauce — HHC, page 259

Nacho Cheese Sauce — HHC, page 265

P.S. You can always count on the meal plans for fresh, seasonal wrap and sandwich ideas!

Herbies, what are your favorite sandwiches and wraps to whip up for lunches?

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