Holiday Recipe Ideas

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Hey herbies! I've been getting a couple of emails and comments via Facebook asking for suggestions and ideas for foods one can take to their office party, neighbor's holiday gathering and the like, so for this Top 10 Tuesday, here are some of my favorite Holiday party "potluck" dishes.

On the simpler side, I recommended "Honey" Roasted "Nuts" -- you can also do a savory take on these no-nuts by roasting them (a la Chickpea Taco style) with Chinese Five-Spice (the chickpeas from the chickpea tacos and the Teriyaki Chickpeas are also great for nibbling by themselves!). 

Homemade (fat-free) Hummus with plate of chopped fresh vegetables is also easy and you can kick it up a notch by using a medley of flavored hummuses such as roasted red bell pepper, black olive and jalapeno. 

Other good potluck plates include Zucchini Sticks and Double-Chocolate Muffins (add in touch of coffee granules!) 

For slightly decadent desserts: I like to make my Butter Bean Cookies (with some macadamia nuts slipped in), Rice Pudding (prepared with lite coconut milk) and my beloved Cheesecake. You also can't really go wrong with Chocolate Glazed Donuts, Pumpkin Pie, or the classic: Holiday Sugar Cookie Cutouts.

If you're going to a brunch or a party thats early in the day, I recommend Apple Crisp MuffinsApple Cinnamon Coffee Cake, Gingerbread French Toast, Cinnamon Raisin BiscuitsCinnamon Buns or a nice Quiche

Then of course, there is always (fat-free!) egg nog! and the egg nog parfaits I made for Vegetarian Times. 

Plus, the Gingerbread Mini Loaves in my cookbook are sure to win over your friends---and you can get this recipenow via the "look inside" preview feature on Amazon!

Also check back on Friday for my (fat-free!)Chocolate Christmas Cupcake recipe! 

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