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A Vegan Taste of Albuqueque

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While Scott and I were road tripping in June, we made our way to Arizona, stopping for a late lunch in Albuquerque. As soon as we arrived, I popped onto and couldn't pass up a place called Mint Tulip. We tried a buffalo wrap (spicy but delicious) with side fruit salad and a side of their queso, which I didn't think ...

Vegan in Miami

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Scott and I visited Miami at the end of June. We were in Miami for one of my oldest friend's weddings and I attended a vegan pot luck! Although the bride and groom are not vegan, they had a special vegan menu at the reception which we really appreciated. The bride told me prior that the vegan dish was so good she'd switched ...

Vegan Camping

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I've been asked a few questions about how to camp as a vegan- and since 4th of July is right around the corner I figured this would be a good weekend to address some of those questions!

To start off-- it really depends on what type of "camping" you are doing. If you have access to a grill/fire pit (and most campsites have ...

Vegan Anywhere

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I've been posting a lot of 'Vegan Tastes of' about my travels across country. I'm frequently asked how hard it is, or if it's even possible to travel often and still choose healthy, plant-based options. While driving across the country I found that I could talk servers at any restaurant and still be able to make a healthy, filling, vegan meal out ...

A Vegan Taste of Detroit

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After Toronto we went to Detroit. I consider myself a Red Sox fan which means I cheer for the Red Sox and any team that's playing the Yankees. So, in Detroit, I was a Tigers fan! It also happened to be Star Wars night (I'm a total Star Wars nerd) and I sort of lost my cool when I walked into the stadium ...