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NY, NY: Slice

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NYers are kind of obsessed with cheesecake, bagels and pizza. At the very least these foods resonate deep in our souls and we are certainly particular if not snobby, when it comes it eating these foods. When I was a vegetarian, before I did anything else, I went straight to Ray's Pizza. Usually with suitcase in tow. I simply couldn't wait one more ...

NY, NY: Zen Burger

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Oh how good it is to be home! So where does a vegan go when a vegan wants a 'big mac'-style burger that's cruelty-free (vegan) and still mildly healthy? That vegan goes to Zen Burger in NYC and eats this:


MMMMMmmmmm Good.



LA: Mr. Damianos

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When Scott & I lived in Boston, we loved TJ Scallywaggles vegan pizza and were first introduced to a vegan style pizzaria while on vacation in PDX where Hot Lips Pizza lives. I was sure there would be an equally awesome vegan pizza joint here in LA, but everyone we asked had nothing to offer. We did find vegan pizza on the menu at our beloved ...