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Cookbook Reviews

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I really shouldn't accept cookbooks for review anymore. They end up sitting in a pile for weeks, if not months, on end, making me feel guilty. (Sorry publishers!!)

I made the Spicy Black Beans from this book, only I added tomatoes and corn because I didn't have enough black beans (and I thought they sounded like a nice addition). I served the beans ...

Review Palooza Part 2

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Remember when I did that big Review Palooza? Here are the last of my cookbooks to review!

This wonderful cookbook opens up with a cliff's notes version of the philosophy's in books like Eat to Live, engine 2 and the McDougall Program: it explains nutrition and the science behind a low fat plant-based diet and how this diet can cure diseases like diabetes ...


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Gesh. I've had about 15 books sitting in a pile in my apartment since November of last year. I was so busy writing my cookbook (then editing, then photog'ing dishes) that I've had zero time to take a peak at any of them. 

Feeling guilty about it, I started taking them to the gym with me and let me tell you -- it ...

Vegan Comfort Food: Egg MacGuffin

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Scott used to love breakfast sandwiches in his pre-vegan days so he's been pestering me to make the "egg" macguffin recipe in Vegan Comfort Food. The recipes calls for pre-made sausage patties and I knew I wanted to use Gimme Lean but was dreading trying to mold it into patties. If you're unfamilar with Gimme Lean let me be the first to sing ...