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Minimalist Monday: How to Love Yourself

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A few months ago, I posted this on my personal Facebook page:

"We can't beat ourselves up for the mistakes we made in the past, only allow them to power us to make better choices in the future. Love yourself ♥"

Soon after, this email bubbled up in my inbox:

"Good Morning Lindsay, love your quote today and I live too much in the past ...

Minimalist Monday: Ending Toxic Relationships (+ Letting Go of Emotional Baggage Too)

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My Dad ("Papa Herbivore" as he's known on this blog) sent me two quotes he thought would make great topics for Minimalist Monday. He sends me quotes every day, but sometimes he'll look for themed ones :)

The first:

"Simplicity is making the journey of this life with just baggage enough."— Charles Dudley Warner

I've written about letting go and self forgiveness (we ...

MM: Exit Strategy (How to Leave the Job You Hate to Pursue What You Love) + Exciting News!

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I guess this is "the end" — the final chapter (part trois!) in my Minimalist Monday mini series. I hadn't set out to create this three-part series about career change but it happened organically and I love that. 

First I wrote:

MM: How to Get What You Want (and My Battle with Depression)

Which Led to: 

MM: How to Figure Out What You Want (+ My ...

Minimalist Monday: How to Figure Out What You Want (+ My Big Confession. Light Does Come Out of Darkness.)

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After my last MM post, How to Get What You Want (& My Battle With Depression), I noticed several people left comments on the blog and Facebook regarding step #1. Specifically, they couldn't figure out what it was they wanted. I also received about a dozen emails asking for help with #1, so I thought this Minimalist Monday I'd talk about that.

First let ...

Minimalist Monday: How to Get What You Want (and My Battle with Depression)

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Before I was a minimalist (and especially before I had Happy Herbivore), I was very unhappy. I spent hours crying and sobbing about how miserable I was with my life. There was plenty of good in my life. Plenty to be thankful for — but there was so much that was making me so unhappy that I couldn't see past it. The storm clouds were ...