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This Week's Q&A: My Hair Secrets, B Vitamins, Navigating Catered Events, Vegan Food After Dental Work, and Substituting Chickpea Flour

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You've got questions...

Q: I want your hair! It's so long, shiny and healthy! Mine's frizzy and dry -- what do you use?

A: Aww you flatter me too much! The secret to my hair is, well, 1. diet (low fat, whole foods, plant-based, NO OIL), and 2. I never brush it (okay I do but only rarely). I was reading an interview ...

This Week's Q&A: GF Baking, 4-Ingredient Cookies, Camping, Nursing Mom Meal Plan, and Chickpea Flour

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You've got questions....

Q: Love all of your delicious recipes! I was wondering if you might have a suggestion as a replacement to whole-wheat flour in many of the baked goods? (Sensitivity)

A: Thanks! Try using the gluten-free all purpose flour blend recipe in EHH and HHA. That blend was designed by a GF bakery, and it's never failed me. You can also ...

This Week's Q&A: Weight Maintenance, Vegan Chocolate Chips, Sweet Red Chili Sauce, Ways to Use Up Celery, and HH Swag

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Before I get to your questions I have news!

In case you missed the announcement yesterday, my newest cookbook, Happy Herbivore Light & Lean, has arrived! 

I posted a video on Facebook yesterday. Watch me open the box and see my book for the first time here

Since the books are here, that means pre-orders will be shipping very soon -- any day now, so if you ...

Happy Herbivore Crockpot Recipes

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I must confess: I don't own a Crockpot. I'm a horrible planner. Just ask my rice cooker.

When I was shopping for a rice cooker I opted for a fancier model that had a "brown rice" setting and a very functional timer. For example, I can assemble it Tuesday night saying I want the rice to be done at 6:15pm Wednesday night ...

Papa Herbivore's Guest Post on Salt + Salt-Free Spice Blends Recipes

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Hi Herbies. It's Papa Herbivore again.

I wanted to share with all the fellow Herbies and other family and
friends who may not be there yet, the significance of being aware of
and controlling salt/sodium intake and some of my views and

[Editorial note: After my Dad had a heart attack, he was required to go on a very low sodium diet ...