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How YOU Can Stay Plant-Proud (My Top 5 Tips)

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Whether you've been a Herbie for years, or you just made the switch for your New Year's resolution, we can all use a reminder on how to stay plant-proud.

Here are my "Top 5 Tips" to keep in mind while you continue to navigate your plant-based journey.

Don't forget: it's about progress, not perfection. Focus on making the best choices for ...

This Week's Q&A: Substituting Fresh Ingredients for Dry Spices & Herbs, Cooking without Oil, Substituting Applesauce, White Whole Wheat Flour & Food Processors

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Q: If a recipe calls for onion flakes, can I sub granulated onion powder or fresh onion?

A: It would depend on the recipe. For example if you were making a cheese sauce, such as with HH mac n cheese, you wouldn't want to use fresh onion because mac n cheese sauce shouldn't have chunks of onion.

Q: What ...

This Week's Q&A: Hypoglycemia, Parkinson's Disease, Bacterial Vaginosis, eBooks, and Split Peas

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You've got questions....

Q: I'm going to make your Thai Pineapple Curry in HHA- just wondering if the lite coconut milk it calls for is "coconut milk beverage" or the type in the can?

A: Any time I call for coconut milk, I mean the kind in the can. Not the "beverage" like soy milk, almond milk, etc. Enjoy!

Q: My mother has ...

Top 5 Vegan Myths

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Here are the top "vegan myths" I see floating around online -- or come my way via email. I also find these are the excuses people often give why they can't be plant-based. (Be honest, you know it's an excuse ;)

And no protein myth listed! (I think I've address that enough, if you haven't had your fill, you can read this post ...

This Week's Q&A: Sharing Other's Recipes on Blogs, Workday Cleanse, Vegan Fudgesicles, High Fat Vegan Foods & Weight Loss Plateau

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Q: I would like to share some of your recipes (and recipes from other books) that are favorites of mine on my blog. I have posted one or two, giving you or them credit, of course. Before I continue with this practice, am I violating any restrictions?

A: Recipes (even those not in books but on other people's blogs) are ...