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Vcon: Tofu Po'Boys

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I need to admit right off the bat that I didn't make the chipotle mayo or the coleslaw that goes with this recipe. Actually, the only thing I made was the cornmeal crusted tofu and then I added on the suggested sliced pickles... While the tofu was awesome (this coming from someone who doesn't tend to like tofu) One bite and it was quite obvious why the mayo and coleslaw were added. It's quite dry... even when loaded with pickles. I do recommend this recipe though (Scott & I both really enjoyed the tofu) but definatly slather on a moist condiment to go with it (I used mustard since I was in a pinch). Btw, those buns pictured are splet buns. They're deeeelicious. scaled.2867043382_039b4467de.jpg

Fat-Free Vegan Chipotle Roasted Corn Soup Recipe

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I know there are a lot of creamy corn soup recipes floating around on the web these days, but this soup, start to finish, takes about 6 minutes to prepare (and tastes like it was slowly cooked all day!). It's so good. I make it any time I have nothing else in the house or I want something sweet, warm and creamy for dinner. This soup also happens to be my best friend Jim's favorite soup.



Recipe:Chipotle Roasted Corn Soup


Sweet and velvety, this soup takes the cake, err corn. Plain yellow corn and a drop or two of liquid smoke may be substituted for the roasted corn.



Cook corn as directed on packaging. Transfer 1/2 of corn to a blender. Add chipotle and non-dairy milk. Blend until smooth and creamy, adding more non-dairy milk as necessary to achieve the desired consistency. Taste test, adding more chipotle if desired plus salt and pepper if needed. Mix in leftover corn and warm thorougly before serving.

Vcon: Chickpeas Romesco

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I was flipping through Vcon when I stumbled across this recipe. Scott & I both really loved it. I served it alongside green beans and asparagus (not exactly complimentary, but that's how dinner in our house goes sometimes). I think I would have preferred it with whole wheat or spelt pasta and I plan to serve the left overs with toasted sprouted bread. For the recipe, I used the suggested fire roasted tomatoes (I highly recommend!), broth in lieu of white wine and omitted the oil. This recipe is easy and quick (just how I like weeknight meals) and fills the house with a lovely 'Italian Restaurant' aroma. vconchickpeasromesco.JPG