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Good-Bye California

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For the last two days we've been driving through California, making our way to Portland, Oregon. Our travels thus far have been full of beautiful surprises and good vegan eats. Gosh, I hope this good fortune continues! I'd always heard "you must drive the PCH from LA to SF once in your life" and now I know why. The Pacific Coast Highway is absolutely breath-taking! Here are some of the photos -- for the rest, check flickr (even catch some photos of Scott & I!!) In 800 miles, it's been both brutally cold and smothering hot. We've driven adjacent to the coast, alongside endless grape vineyards, through acres of produce, acres of dry, barron plains, over and around mountains, through enchanting dark green forests and next to a snow capped mountain (in July!). I think it's fair to say no other state is quite as diverse as California!

  pismo beach

Pismo Beach, CA

elephant seals

Elephant Seals

near bixby bridge

Near Bixby Bridge


Bixby Bridge

vegan pizza

Vegan Pizza @ Croces in Monterey, CA

"sausage" biscuit at Herbivore

"Sausage" Biscuit at Herbivore in San Fran, CA

golden gate

Driving across the Golden Gate Bridge

Lily Bean

Lily Bean's first day at the beach! Muir Beach, CA


Quaid at Muir Beach, CA


Sampling Beer @ the Sierra Nevada Brewery in Chico, CA


Mt. Shasta near Weed, CA

Vegan Tofu Fish Filet Recipe

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This is the kind of recipe where I wish I had my own cooking show. For starters, I'd give this recipe a longer and swankier name such as "Succulent Tofu Fish Fillet over a bed of crisp Romain lettuce topped off with fresh papaya salsa and tucked into a warm pita bread." (Are you drooling yet?) I'd also take the time to tell viewers that the heels of bread make for the best bread crumbs. All you have to do is throw them into your food processor and let the motor run until the crumbs are formed. Homemade crumbs are not only cheaper, but they taste better too. They also don't have salt and other preservatives in them. But alas! This is a blog - not a cooking show - so here's the recipe!

Tofu Fish

Recipe:Tofu Fish Fillet


Kelp is what makes the tofu "fishy". Serve it as a fillet or cut up small pieces for "fish sticks." Fresh papaya chunks can be used in place of the salsa.



Preheat oven to 350F. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and set aside. Cut tofu into 5 slices (or smaller pieces for nuggets) and set aside. Place bread slices in food processor and process until crumbs form. Add spices and Old Bay to taste, a few dashes of black pepper to bread crumbs and process for 1 more minute. Transfer breading mixture to a shallow bowl.

From here, you can bread the tofu one of two ways: lightly spray one side of the tofu with your oil spray can and press the breading into one side of the tofu (giving one side a thick, flaky crust) or dip the tofu into soymilk and lightly batter the entire fillet. Bake 25-30 minutes and serve tucked into warm pitas with chopped lettuce and papaya salsa.

Baked Low Fat Whole Wheat Chocolate-Glazed Vegan Doughnuts Recipe

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If you follow me on twitter, you already know all about these donuts (and have the recipe). In case you missed it, here is the story: June 5th was National Doughnut Day. Upon learning this, I promised my twitter friends I'd make a recipe we could enjoy guilt-free (a.k.a whole wheat, fat-free and vegan!). I found this recipe but Scott & Jim (my best friend) were in the mood for something chocolately, so I had to get a little creative.

The guys really liked these doughnuts. I felt they could be a little more chocolately, so I added the optional chips in the ingredients list. On the downside, you do need a doughnut pan to make these darlings, but the pans are fairly inexpensive and in addition to making doughnuts, the pan can also be used to bake bagels as well. 

Glazed Donut


Recipe:Chocolate Glazed Doughnuts


Baked, glazed and chocolately but without the fat from deep-frying.



Preheat oven to 350F. In a small bowl, whisk 1 cup non-dairy milk, lemon juice, 3 tbsp maple, light brown sugar & 1-2 tsp vanilla together until foamy and bubbly. In a large bowl, whisk flour, cocoa, salt, baking powder, baking soda and chocolate chips (crushed). Pour wet into dry and use a spatula to combine. Spoon into a greased 6-donut pan. Bake 15 minutes. Meanwhile, make icing by whisking the last ingredients together (confectioners sugar, 1 tbsp maple, 1 tsp vanilla and 1-2 tbsp non-dairy milk). Submerge cooked, but cool, doughnuts into icing and let glaze drip off. Transfer to wire wrack for drying.