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NYC HH Meetups

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The Happy Herbivore Meetups have been going great and I've really enjoyed the HH Meetups here in NYC! Last night was the third Happy Herbivore NYC meetup and we had a lovely rooftop vegan wine and cheeze par-tay! Through the Happy Herbivore Meetups I've had the chance to meet some terrific ladies who have quickly become good friends of mine. I encourage everyone to join or start a HH meetup in their area. Meetups are a great way to meet new people who share the same passions as you! *For those in NYC surrounding areas (Philly, Boston, DC, etc) -- let me know about upcoming meetups & I'll try to catch a bus there, HH treats in tow!

Fat-Free Vegan Cinnamon Bun Smoothie

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My obsession with cinnamon buns runs deep. Although I've created a killer fat-free whole-wheat vegan cinnamon bun recipe to scratch the itch when it needs scratching; it's not exactly instant... or practical on a busy weekday morning. Smoothies, however, are my favorite answer to breakfast and today I combined the two for an amazing cinnamon experience!

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Recipe:Cinnamon Bun Smoothie


All the taste of a cinnamon roll in a healthy, delicious smoothie!



Combine all ingredients in a blender, whizzing until smooth.

How to make salad dressing without fat or oil

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Category: FAQ

The other day I asked HH's FB fans, "How do YOU make a salad go from ordinary to extraordinary?" and through this discussion several people inquired about how you make salad dressing without oil or fat.

Here are my tips & tricks plus a no-fail quick recipe:

1. squeeze fresh lemon or lime juice over your salad

2. add fresh fruit (or dried fruit) for added flavor instead of a dressing

3. experiment with fat-free balsalmic vinaigrettes

4. substitute tofu (or avocado) for oil in old recipes

5. combine equal parts agave and dijon mustard (pictured)

6. use BBQ sauce as a dressing

7. toss your salad with flavor salsas like pineapple-mango

8. add components to your salad: grains, baked beans, sweet potatoes

9. use fresh juices like carrot juice as a dressing

10. Serve with a dollop of HH's hummus, guac or HH's mock tuna.