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The universe taught me a great lesson last week. "Today's lesson: Just because you haven't climbed to the top of the mountain yet, doesn't mean you won't make it to the summit. It just means you're still climbing."I'd expected (or, well, had been blissfully optimistic) I'd reach a goal of mine last week and when the results came in and that goal wasn't reached, I was upset...for about 25 seconds ...
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The universe is always teaching me something and I try to share these lessons I've learned on my personal Facebook page. Recently, I shared this lesson:

The best way to move past an issue is to stop drawing attention to it and talking about it.

Several of my friends left really thought-provoking comments in response:

"This a thousand times! I'm always amazed by people who wait till a fire is almost out to throw gasoline on it and ...

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I've had a really bad case of the delays. There have been a few projects I've wanted (and needed) to start -- like writing another cookbook, and each week I've told myself "I'll start on Monday" after.... [long list of reasons]

My excuses weren't phoney. First I "couldn't start" because we'd just got to LA and I needed to unpack and get groceries and settle in. Then the next week I "couldn't start ...

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One of my motivations for becoming a minimalist was debt. Scott and I did not have a lot of it. I have a mound of educational debt, true, but that didn't bother me. The problem was the small amount of credit card debt. It was only a few thousand, but it was a few thousand more than I wanted.

I think what bothered me most about it was that I felt like I didn't deserve to have it ...

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I follow UberFacts on Twitter. My husband, Scott, turned me on to it. Anyway, a few days ago UberTweets had tweeted that President Obama read all of the Harry Potter books to his girls.

I retweeted it because I thought it was wonderful that President Obama reads to his children (any parent who reads to their child is awesome in my book, regardless of their job title) and also because I thought it was cool that the President of the ...

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