New Year's Menu Suggestions Part 1

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Trying to figure out what to do for your New Years party? I have some suggestions.

 Whether you're throwing a sit down dinner party, having finger foods only or bringing a dish to a friends, there are so many healthy and delicious options. 

In fact, I had so many ideas I had to break this post up into *two* parts! (Check back on Thursday for soups, main dishes, and breakfast ideas)

Appetizers and finger foods:

Desserts -- no party can go without!

  • Chocolate Banana Pudding (p. 262, EHH)
  • Pumpkin Bread (p. 52, HHC)
  • Strawberry Cupcakes (p. 216, HHC)
  • Key Lime Pie Parfait
  • Chickpea Puffs (p. 247, EHH)

Depending on the amount of people that will be eating, all of these recipes are easy to double or triple. They are also easy to prep and cook earlier in the day, so there  isn't much to do other than set them out once the party starts. 

(The exception to this is the Key Lime Pie Parfait, you can premix all the ingredients before hand except the graham crackers. Wait until you are ready to serve them to actually mix it all together. The crackers will get soggy and lose their 'crunch' if left sitting in the parfait.)

Don't forget to come back on Thursday for more suggestions for soups, main dishes, and breakfast.

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