Staying Plant-Based while Traveling

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I'm always getting asked how I keep plant-based (vegan) while traveling and where can I eat "on the road."

We just spent a week driving to Montreal, and I took care to jot down some notes - and take pictures! - of the food we were eating.

The first obvious choice is Subway, which is everywhere. You can get a veggie sub or salad. A few people have told me that Subway isn't as fresh as they advertise, meaning they don't freshly chop their vegetables. I don't know if that's true, but I'm of the opinion that some vegetables are better than none on the road :o)

When Subway isn't available, I'll stop by any bagel or sandwich shop and have them make me a vegetable sandwich. Even if it isn't on the menu, they'll make one for you - just be sure to inquire about the breads.

Recently, we found instant oatmeal in gas stations. The best part, the sugar is separate in a packet, it's not premixed, so you can really make this a healthy option with just the oats and fruit (or nuts) it comes with. I also added a banana -- which most gas stations sell for $0.50 (They have hot water next to the coffee to make the oatmeal).

Although stopping at restaurants (esp. vegan restaurants!) is fun (on this trip we ate in Greenville, Scranton & Nashville), sometimes there isn't a veg place, and sometimes I want something healthy -- so I order a salad. Here I used the house salsa as my dressing!

I find airports are getting better, too. Here we found fruit and hummus!

Finally, cheeseless pizza (loaded up with vegetables) is our last option/plan C.

Even places in the mall will often make this for you - you just have to buy a whole pie, not a single slice, which if you're traveling is good - next meal is covered!

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