Low Fat Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe (Tofu Ice Cream)

It does exist. I know, I'm a horribly mean blogger for posting another vegan ice cream recipe when many of you don't have ice cream machines and others are still freezing through a long, cold winter... but ohmigod its sooo freakin' tasty I can't help but scream about it. Plus its our 3rd wedding anniversary today so we're entitled to a little chocolate, right?

vegan chocolate icecream

I didn't carefully measure when I made it, so you may need to adjust a little (esp. if you use a different syrup). I followed the Tofu Ice Cream recipe, adding a pinch of ground cinnamon (essential!) and about 3 tbsp vegan chocolate syrup


Lindsay & Scott March 10, 2006

Recipe:Tofu Ice Cream


This basic recipe was developed by the chefs at Goodbaker Gourmet; I found it somewhere online and have been playing with it to make all sorts of flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, banana, cinnamon, strawberry and blueberry.



Combine all ingredients in a blender and whiz until smooth. Transfer mixture to an ice cream machine and allow the machine to run until ice cream has formed, about 30 minutes. Serve immediately.

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