Fat-Free Raw Ice Cream (Vegan)

Get ready to jump up and down with this recipe -- it's a decadent and creamy vegan ice cream that's practically instant to make. And did I mention it was also raw? Ugh, yeah, it's love.

Now, don't get me wrong, I still love this this tofu ice cream recipe. In fact, one of the first variations I tried with it was a banana ice cream (my Dad's idea, actually). I slipped in a little cinnamon, maple syrup and vanilla with a banana and the tofu and yum! It was pure heaven.

Since then I've been meaning to try making an instant raw banana pudding. I thought perfectly ripe bananas slung through my food processor would make a wonderful "pudding," or maybe bananas blended with a little tofu... (I still need to try both of these ideas out, actually). The problem is waiting for the bananas to get just ripe enough.

You see, I live with a money. No, not a real monkey---just someone who is bananas for bananas. No sooner do I buy a bunch of bananas, they're all eaten. Sometimes two at a time (ugh hem, Scott). 

During raw week I found some bananas that were mostly brown at the store and bought them thinking they'd be the perfect solution to my... dilemma. Sadly, when I peeled one I discovered the insides were just too mushy for a pudding so they went into the freezer.

A few days later I felt a little ambitious and decided to try to make a "cold pudding." Well, I definitely didn't get my pudding but what I DID get is a rich and creamy mixture that looks, tastes, smells and *feels* like ice cream when you eat it. I'm not just talking about any ol' ice cream either... this stuff is a total replication of the naughty ice cream you typically only find on a marble slab. Yeah! It's that amazing!

Needless t o say I was so excited about this recipe that I immediately emailed my friend Nick (who always has a small island's worth of bananas in his freezer) when he replies back to me "oh I do a recipe just like that all the time, except with cocoa." COCOA? Why did he just change my life? Yum! It's even better with a little cocoa slipped in!!

FYI I want to try this recipe with the spicing used in my fat-free eggnog recipe next! If you beat me to it, let me know!

Recipe:Raw Ice Cream


It's incredible how much this tastes like ice cream. It's so rich and creamy plus the vanilla and cinnamon compliment the banana's unique taste perfectly.

Chef's Note: Spotted and very ripe bananas work best in this recipe. 



Place all ingredients together in a food processor and allow the motor to run until it's smooth and creamy. Stop and break up large clumps with a spatula as needed.