Low Fat Strawberry Vegan Ice Cream Recipe (Tofu Ice Cream)

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Recipe

Remember when I made plain tofu ice cream? Well now I've made strawberry tofu ice cream! 

strawberry icecream

For this strawberry ice cream, I followed the basic tofu ice cream recipe, but reduced the pure maple syrup to 1/4 cup and added 18 frozen strawberries. I also realized the trick to thick and creamy low fat ice cream is letting the motor completely run, for a full 25-30 minutes, until the ice cream is so thick its no-longer moving around in the machine. I always use lite tofu and fat-free soymilk.

Per serving (1 cup): 163 calories, less than 1 g fat, 31 carbs, 9g protein 

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Recipe:Tofu Ice Cream

Picture of Tofu Ice Cream


This basic recipe was developed by the chefs at Goodbaker Gourmet; I found it somewhere online and have been playing with it to make all sorts of flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, banana, cinnamon, strawberry and blueberry.



Combine all ingredients in a blender and whiz until smooth. Transfer mixture to an ice cream machine and allow the machine to run until ice cream has formed, about 30 minutes. Serve immediately.