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Season 1: Episode 7

Dr. Allen talks about nutrition and creating a plant-based family practice

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Host Lindsay S. Nixon chats with Dr. Allen, a plant-based medical professional! Dr. Allen practices medicine outside of Las Vegas, where he approaches healthcare with a focus on nutrition and prevention. Dr. Allen discusses how a plant-based diet changed his health, and the improvements he has seen in his patients. Whether you are a plant-based newbie or an old pro, you will benefit from Dr. Allen's advice and wisdom on this episode of the Meal Mentor podcast!

More about this episode:

  • What's the one thing Dr. Allen encourages his patients to change about their diet?
  • Is it possible for cholesterol to not go down on a vegan diet? Dr. Allen answers this, and other member questions.
  • How can you find a doctor who encourages and supports your lifestyle?
  • A look into the medical system: why do most doctors immediately turn to prescription medications?
  • Should you worry about B12? A discussion about supplements.
  • The truth about coconut oil, Wheat Belly, and other diet fads.


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