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I jokingly call hummus the “lifeblood of vegans”

As recipe creator, I appreciate how VERSATILE hummus can be -- lending itself to all kinds of flavors or fun concoctions.

For example, I used it to make a “cheese” in the Malta Melt (from the Shortcut to Slim Blueprint)

I’ve also used hummus to make an instant “cream sauce”, lovingly calling it a “college students” Alfredo ;)

That’s the Creamy Roasted Tomato Pasta in the Meal Mentor App

Hummus is also GREAT for massaging kale if you don’t want to massage kale with oil and you can spice it up so it tastes like it belongs to a completely different cuisine.

For example, slip in a little seasoning like Ras el Hanout and now hummus feels VERY Moroccan

The most impressive (in my opinion) is that hummus can mimic “deviled” eggs!


Take these vegan “Deviled” eggs to ALL your party’s this holiday season.


Sadly, a lot of commercially sold hummuses are very oily.

ANNOYING. It’s completely unnecessary cheap “filler” that adds a lot of extra fat and calories hummus doesn’t need, especially if it already contains tahini.

NOW, if you need to buy Sabra or generic for convenience, by all means, do. It’s also okay if you like that hummus better (no judgment here!)

HOWEVER, if you want a lower calorie, lower fat, or oil-free hummus…

#1 Basic oil-free hummus recipe

I’m so lazy these days that I basically blend a can of chickpeas (with liquid from the can as needed to get it creamy) with garlic powder and a squirt of Dijon.

I might add lemon juice, or Italian seasoning, or a dab of tahini… and once in a blue moon I oven-roast my chickpeas first.

FYI, My husband is also OBSESSED with the Trader Joes eggplant one (it doesn’t taste like eggplant at all, promise).

#2 MASTER LIST OF Oil-free hummus brands
Oasis Mediterranean Cuisine
Roots Hummus
Trader Joe’s Eggplant Hummus
TRU hummus
Wild Garden- Traditional & Roasted Garlic
Portland original
Summer Fresh Light Hummus
Whole Foods / Engine 2
Cedar's All- Natural Hummus

One last hummus recipe to throw your way…

DIY Pizza Hummus

I eat it with a spoon :)

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