This Week's Q&A: Edamame, Basic Shopping List & Make-Ahead Meals, Corn Tortilla Substitutes, Homemade Gluten-Free Bread, and Getting Back on Track

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You've got questions...

Q: You don't need to cook edamame before making it?

A: Frozen edamame usually needs to be boiled or microwaved briefly. It should say on the package. :)

Q: My self and my housemate are plant-based and super busy — we work full time and study full time. I am just wondering if you have a standard cupboard/shopping list that you use. I like to pre-make a lot of my meals ahead. 

A: I highly recommend checking out the meal plans. Not only can you make nearly everything ahead; most meals only take a few minutes to pull together even if you didn't make them ahead. They're designed for busy people :). It also comes with a shopping list.  

Otherwise, you can use the shopping and pantry lists at the front of the cookbooks. There's this pantry list too.

Q: What can I use instead of corn tortillas?

A: In most recipes, a flour tortilla would be fine. Every time I go to the store, there seem to be new "flavors" of tortillas. Last week, I saw tortillas made from chia seeds and another from potatoes? What will they think of next? 

Q: I am desperately trying to make a Plant-Based, Gluten-Free loaf of bread in my bread machine. It isn't going too well. Help!

A: I'm sorry to say I've never used a bread machine so I don't have much advice. The only gluten-free bread I've made is my beer breads with the GF all-purpose blend in EHH and HHA and GF beer. You might try Googling for a vegan gluten-free bread machine recipe. I've also seen a lot of GF bread books on Amazon, those might be helpful. Here's a post I did on GF baking that isn't about bread per se, but may help.

Q: I've been making really bad food choices lately. Any advice?

A: I can't recommend the 3-day reboot (with habits bootcamp!) or 10-day cleanse & wellness immersion enough! 

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