HH Recipes Perfect for your Labor Day Celebration!

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Labor Day is coming up next week. As the summer winds down and the school year and busy schedules begin, why not take some time to reallycelebrate with family and friends with a fun feast? Whether you're headed to a party or picnic or just having a mini party at home, here are some HH recipes that will make saying goodbye to summer just a little bit sweeter.

Baked Vegan Corndogs

Potato Salad — HHC, page 189

Cheater Asian Slaw — EHH, page 226

Carrot Cake Cupcakes — HHC, page 213

Olive Tapenade — HHA, page 206

Ultimate  7-Layer Dip — HHC, page 235

Southwest Chop Salad — EHH, page 124

Meatball Subs — HHC, page 109

Low-Country Cucumber Salad — HHC, page 186

Deviled "Eggs"

Island Portobello Burgers — EHH, page 88

Root Beer Float Cupcakes — HHC, page 214

Tabbouleh — HHA, page 133

Aztec Corn Salad

Veggies with Ranch Dip — HHC, page 232

What's on your Labor Day menu, Herbies?

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