Back to School Herbies (Part 1): Snacks On the Go

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It's Back to School time, Herbies!Whether your kiddos are back to school already or head back soon, we'll be serving up some great ideas this week to make the transition a little more fun — and a lot more delicious! First up, snack ideas! Last week, I asked the Herbies on Facebook to share some of their favorite on-the-go snacks. As usual, lots of great ideas poured in! I loved seeing so many healthy items top your lists — tons of fruit and veggies (the ultimate fast foods!), hummus, and kid-friendly HH recipes :) 

Even if you don't have kids in school, everyone loves snacks, right? Try some of these fantastic ideas next time you're on the go!

"In addition to our fave hummus or guacamole w/pita and/or veggies, small whole apples, plums, clementines, etc. are super  — and very portable. Grape tomatoes, too, my daughter eats them by the handful." — Jeanne D.

"I slice an apple in half, remove the core with a spoon, and replace with a spoonful of almond butter on each side. I then sprinkle the almond butter with granola to keep it from sticking, and put the halves back together. Wrap up and go! It's seriously the most delicious snack I know. And it doesn't get brown or messy!" — Michelle G.

"Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich" — Amber B.

"Sweet potato, peanut butter, cinnamon, in a wrap" — Marla B.

"Crudités in a ziploc. I'd prepare my own in HS. Now I add nuts." — Marisa G.

"The honey roasted "nuts" from the HH blog!" — Alisha K.

"Raw veggies and hummus and fruit (strawberries, grapes, orange sections) and crunchy home made tortilla chips." — Sandy K.

"My daughter loves an apple sandwich. Core apple, cut into rounds and spread pnut butter between 2 slices. Yum! She also loves hummus. I have been using the Engine 2 recipe with no oil." — Tammy T.

"Cooked red baby potatoes (warm or cold) and sometimes a little mustard." — Marcia M.

"Apple slices with peanut butter and raisins and nuts made into little sammies....and celery with peanut butter." — Teresa M.

"Grapes, frozen or fresh, a good finger food while doing homework! Not messy." — Marie R.

"I made your carrot raisin muffins (HHC) (sub chickpea flour) for our on the go breakfast this AM. It will probably be our car ride home snack too. Ants on a log is another fave." — Sarah S.

"Hummus & veggies, home-made cookies & muffins, edamame. Most schools are nut-free now (my kids' school even discourages seeds!) so that's always a consideration." — Erin G.

"Fruit salad, dried fruit and nuts and choc chips, hummus with cukes and red peppers, cukes red peppers carrot sticks with a ranch type dressing, mini muffins, tomato soup and mini grilled cheez sandwiches (EHH)." — Jeanie A.

"My daughter loves the HH "tuna" salad I pack in a little container with crackers on the side. Grapes, baby carrots & hummus, homemade muffins and granola bars, roasted chickpeas, blueberries." — Dawn V.

"Sandwiches with hummus, tomatoes, nutritional yeast and other veggies. smoked tofu is also great with this!" — Shelley O.

"My 7 yr old LOVES the chocolate chip Clif Kid Z-Bars. Vegan and oil free! Not as good as something more whole food based but definitely good for a quick filling snack on the go." — Erin A.

"Hummus in a spinach wrap and cut into pinwheels ... my grandson loves them!" — Elizabeth W.

"My kids love snacking on a small bowl of chickpeas. I have to make sure I call them chickpeas instead of garbanzo beans because one kid "thinks" she doesn't like beans!" — Julie K.

Thanks so much for sharing, Herbies!

To see all of the wonderful replies, check out my Facebook post.

Any other yummy on-the-go snack ideas we should know about? Please share!

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