This Week's Q&A (Talking Spinach, Children's Books, T2 Diabetes, Transitioning, and Taco Shells)

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You've got questions...

Q: How do you measure a cup of spinach — are you using a full packed 8 oz cup or do you measure by weight? (With the meal plan)

A: 1 cup of spinach is usually about 1 ounce. I grab a big handful, which is usually 1 cup measured or 1 oz on the scale.

Q: Do you know of children's books that will explain to the children that to be vegetarian/vegan is so important?

A: That's Why We Don't Eat Animals, but there are several — if you go to Amazon, etc. and search "vegetarian kids books" or something like that, about a dozen will pop up. Most have pretty good reviews. 

I also asked the Herbie Parents group for suggestions and here are a few others:

Q:  My husband is Type 2 diabetic.  Any suggestions for lower-carb vegan options?

A: Carbs are not the enemy for T2, fat is. Low carb isn't beneficial or healthful for anyone — including diabetics. Highly recommend you and hubby check out Dr. Barnard's book on preventing and reversing T2 diabetes.

Here's a video of Dr. B and some info from our friends at Engine 2 about diabetes research. And read this guest post from Natala about her T2 diabetes, carbs, and getting off meds.

Q: We have been trying to go plant based for the past 10 days. I feel great, but the Husband and the kids are not as happy......Will it get better?

A: Yes, it gets better. It's a different process for everyone, depending on what their diet was like prior. I'd guess they are just feeling some stress and angst over the change. Change takes time to get used to. To help make it a little easier, try preparing plant-based versions of food they loved.. like if they loved tacos, make HH Chickpea Tacos. If they loved burgers, try HH Black Bean Burgers. Or surprise them with some plant-based cookies or muffins!

Often, it takes some time to thrive — sometimes after dealing with flatulence, elimination, and other bodily function issues

Q: Are there taco shells with no fat? Your taco recipe says no fat, yet taco shells have 7g of fat??

A: I make my own shells from corn tortillas — they're just water, corn and lime. No fat! (Just drape corn tortillas over the bars of your oven rack and bake until crispy.)

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