Plant-Based (Vegan) Camping Trips: Tips from an Experienced Herbie Camper

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I'm always getting requests do a post about tent camping or RV camping, etc. Due to serious insect allergies in my family, camping isn't something we do too often (I mean, we like nature and all, but there comes a point where the hassle is just not worth it). We can avoid the buggies easily in the winter, so we get our outside hours in then :)

Anyway, I just couldn't fake a camping post, so I asked Gayle (a Herbie and experienced camper) for her tips — and she is sharing them with us today!

"Summer is right around the corner and camping season has already begun. Camping is about being in the outdoors, enjoying nature and sitting around the campfire. Another big part of camping is food.

If you are camping at a campground, you will mostly have a fire ring to cook on. You may also have access to running water and electricity. My family and I recently purchased a small camper so we have a cooktop and a microwave, but we try to do most of our cooking on the grill or fire.

A few staples we always bring in the camper:

  • Oatmeal
  • Fresh fruit and fruit salad
  • Trail mix
  • Granola bars*
  • Ketchup, mustard, fat-free vegan mayo
  • Tomatoes and lettuce
  • Canned or boxed organic beans
  • Soy dogs or veggie burgers*
  • Coffee and non-dairy milk (almond milk)

[Editorial note: If you don't want to eat commercial meat substitutes, you can always elect to make your own like HH's easy bean burgers or just take fresh veggies for the grill! See Kelly's yummo picture at the bottom of the post for inspiration. You can also make your own granola bars (recipe in EHH) or cereal bars (recipe in HHC) or make HH muffins instead -- they travel beautifully!]

We also have a variety of wraps, breads and buns.

Other great items might be canned, boxed or homemade soup, potatoes (white or sweet), chickpeas for salads or mock tuna, and quinoa. There are so many great vegan foods that will stay fresh with or without refrigeration as long as they are sealed in a nice airtight container.

We are still figuring out what we want and will use in the RV. One surprisingly great appliance has been a toaster. Hilary brand veggie burgers can be cooked in the toaster and they come out great. Put them on a toasted bun with your favorite topping and you have a great camping meal. We also have an electric griddle. This is perfect for tofu scramble, pancakes, and home fries.

In April, I gave my husband a hobo pie iron for his birthday. A hobo pie iron is a 2-sided cast-iron sandwich press with long handles and works great on an open fire. You can make savory or sweet recipes and really anything goes in a hobo pie.

We made Mexican hobo pies with rice, beans, avocado, tomatoes, salsa and nutritional yeast. The pie iron makes a convenient pocket that is perfect for eating while hanging around the campfire and so easy to customize to everyone's preferences. There will be many more hobo pies in our future (including vegan s'mores!). These are also great if you are camping with children because there is so much to do they rarely want to sit down for a full meal."

Thanks for sharing, Gayle!

(That Mexican hobo pie looks DELISH, right?!)

For more camping tips and ideas, check out my previous post from last year:

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and also try the "travel" tab for more ideas since foods and items that work on an airplane or long car ride would also work camping!

Lastly, I also found these to cool DIY camping items online -- had to share:

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Kelly S. shared her family's fire pit supper on Facebook. Yum!

Any other Herbie campers out there with good advice?

Please share in the comments!

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