This Week's Q&A (Talking Cookware, Yogurt, Road Food, Articles, Chocolate)

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You've got questions...

Q: Do you use non-stick cookware? Do you think it's safe to use?

I use a nonstick skillet for a few token dishes, but otherwise prefer my Emerilware.

Q: Can you do a how-to on soy yogurt in an automatic yogurt maker??? Please, please, please !!!

Sorry, I don't have a yogurt maker so I don't know anything about them. I do, however, have a recipe for how to make vegan yogurt in EHH and on this blog, — no special machine required!

Q: I am moving across the country. Can you give me some ideas for food that I can make ahead of time to fill me up on the drive? I will probably be on the road for 6 days, and I don't want to have to eat crappy stuff on the way.

A: Muffins, PB&J, trail mix, McDougall soups, instant oatmeal, canned beans, precooked quinoa. I've done a lot of posts on traveling too:

How To Eat Healthy and Plant-Based (Vegan) On the Road in Fast Food and Chain Restaurants

How to Travel on a Plant-Based Diet (What to Pack, Snacks, and More!)

Vegan Camping

Staying Plant-Based While Traveling

Eating Vegan on the Road

Q: Can you please recommend one plant-based living article (not book) that would motivate someone to make the dietary change for health reasons? The issues he has are muscle/joint pain and rather serious psoriasis. Thank you!

A: Here is a video about a woman who no longer suffers psoriasis after adopting a plant-based diet:

AND, here is an article!

Also keep in mind that dairy is one of the biggest triggers for joint pain and inflammation.

Q: What brand of chocolate do you use?  I have always loved and used Ghirardelli, but am trying to go completely vegan to see if it helps with my arthritis pain.

I use whatever is available, often buying generic. Many Ghirardelli chocolates, however, are vegan. I know their semi-sweet chips are vegan, for example. You could always look for specially labeled vegan chocolates, which are sold at health food stores or grocery stores with well-stocked "natural" sections.

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