This Week's Q&A (Talking Kids, Hot Sauce, Pressure Cookers, Addiction, and Potlucks)

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You've got questions...

Q: My kids and teens are refusing to eat the vegan meals I make — help!

A: Kids, teens, and pre-teens can be difficult with food overall — no matter what you're serving up. I find it helps to give them a choice, say a black bean burger or lentil tacos, vegetable soup or a burrito. Also, if they are old enough, talk to them about all the consequences of meat — the brutal death, the illness, the destruction to the earth. That there's poop in all meat and dairy (that one usually sticks!) and be a good example overall. Also, a lot of parents let their kids pick recipes from cookbooks they want to try — or have them help with cooking. 

With kids and teens, there is no one-size-fits-all. Even with my nieces and nephews, who live in the same house with the same two parents, cannot all agree on liking even one food. Maybe 2/4 like bananas, 3/4 like blueberry muffins, and 1/4 likes pancakes. The only thing most of them have control over in their lives is food — so let them have some control there, but within the limits you set :)

Q: Some of the recipes call for hot sauce.  What exactly are you referring to? Tabasco? Sriracha?

A: Depends on the recipe. If it's Asian-inspired, you want to use an Asian hot sauce like Sriracha. If it's a Cajun recipe, then you'd want to use a hot sauce like Tabasco. My favorite is Cholula.

Q: What type of pressure cooker do you use?

A: I use this pressure cooker

Q: I've been vegan for six months now and love the way I feel, but I'm still having trouble kicking my "chewing gum" addiction.  I constantly want to chew it while at work.  Do you offer any suggestions of substitutes?

A: Kale :) chew it to a cream (how you're supposed to eat it anyway). Take a bag to work, steam it or just bring it already cooked. Put some lemon juice on it if necessary.

It'll give you that chewing sensation and you'll feel great too!

Q: I'm going to a potluck — what should I bring?

A: I've written a few posts about what to take to potlucks and parties that you can use for some inspiration:

Omni Friendly Potluck Dishes

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I also can't recommend the Vegan Deviled Eggs and Cajun Stuffed Mushrooms in HHA enough!

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