This Week's Q&A (Replacing Coconut Milk and Kitchen Essentials)

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You've got questions and we've got answers!


Q: We're remodeling our kitchen which I'll be trying to feed us with a microwave and a toaster oven set up in our driveway for 2-3 months. Do you have any suggestions for things I can cook? I don’t want to live on boca burgers if I can help it. 

A: I would invest in a hot plate, then you'll be able to make pretty much anything. When I do food demos at conferences, I cook on a hot plate. Hot plates are not expensive and it’s well worth the small investment since we’re talking 2-3 months as opposed to 2-3 weeks. For added inspiration, read this post: how to cook without a kitchen. You’ll see how a friend of mine cooks in her 105 sq foot apartment with a toaster oven and a hot plate using HH recipes :) She cooks all my recipes using only a hot plate and toaster oven A rice cookerand pressure cookercould also come in handy if you have those! 

Q: When you go vegan, do you become gassy? 

A: It depends, each person is different and what your diet was like before also matters. The good news is, even if you get gas after the initial transition, it’ll get better over time as your body adjust. For more information see my post about flatulence and this Q&A

Q: I love your quick black bean burgers but they crumble on me. Any advice? 

A: Watch this video that shows how to shape perfect bean burgers. Q: How do you prevent sticking while baking or occasionally pan-frying without using oils? A: Parchment paper or nonstick or silicon with baking, and I bake instead of fry. Saute in water or broth. For more information, see my post how to replace fat in baking and how to replace fat in cooking

Q: I follow Dr. Essy’s diet and can’t have coconut milk, is there a good alternative to coconut milk? 

A: You can use any non-dairy milk (i.e. soy milk) instead with a drop of coconut extract. Some people also add a little agave, but I don’t find the extra sweetener necessary. I recommend using almond or soy milk if you can, I find they’re a lot creamier than rice milk and other “milks” and get the job done a bit better with curry.

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