DIY Happy Herbivore Holiday Gifts

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With the holidays coming up, you might be wondering what you should get for the foodie in your life! A few weeks ago Courtney (my sis!) wrote a post about saving money this holiday season and mentioned making your own gifts as an option. A DIY gift has such a personal touch and can really make your friend or family member feel special. 

Try these HH inspired foodie gift ideas to give a healthy and delicious treat as a gift this holiday season!

1.     Jars! Take advantage of ball jars (green-friendly) and fill them with your favorite HH dessert or bread recipe ingredients. You should layer the ingredients one by one to make a pretty effect in the jars. After you’ve filled the jar, seal it, place a ribbon or bow on it, and make a custom little card with instructions to add the wet ingredients and enjoy. Use one of these recipes to create a jar full of delicious:

Corn Bread (p. 49, Happy Herbivore Cookbook)

Chocolate Chip Cookies (p. 203, Happy Herbivore Cookbook)

Double Chocolate Muffins 

2.     Make a dry soup mix for winter months! Fill a bag with seasonings, dry beans or noodles.  Create a tag with instructions on adding the wet ingredients and cooking.  Try this with our Moroccan Lentil Soup

3.     Create a custom spice blend. Happy Herbivore recipes rely on spices to bring you healthy cooked food full of flavor. Combine spices in a pretty glass spice jar from the craft store and create a custom label for them. You can even send them suggestions on which recipes to make with them!

4.     Homemade baked goods are always a winning present as well. Why not bake some delicious cookies this year and share them with friends? They won’t even know that you’re giving them a low fat, healthy alternative in the midst of holiday sugar overload! You can package the cookies in treat boxes from the craft store, and customize each package with different ribbon, or other decorations.

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