Top 5 Dishes For Date Night

Posted by:Andrea Dermos Category: Holiday

We're always getting questions about what to cook for people who aren't vegan- specifically, what to cook for your significant other or a date! When you want to impress a date with a vegan meal, try one of these options:

Teriyaki Chickpeas (p. 127)- for a special touch, make these with homemade salsa! 

Instant Vegan Alfredo  (p. 163)- a classic Italian dinner, only healthier, and they'll never know it!

Oyster Mushroom Scampi
Chicken-style Seitan (p. 142) with savory herb green beans, Thanksgiving gravy and mashed potatoes. Total comfort food!

 Portobello Steaks, (p. 148) with grilled vegetables  

For dessert:Cheesecake, of course!

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