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Top 10 of 2010!Well, doesn't this post title have a nice ring to it?

I can hardly believe 2010 is almost over! 2010 has been a crazy year for me (and Happy Herbivore)...but mostly filled with wonderful events, opportunities and new friends!

At the start of the year, I was just finishing up the recipes in my cookbook (which will finally be hitting the shelves in less than a month!) It doesn't really feel like it was that long ago... (or maybe it does!)

I promise your patience will pay off handsomely!

Anyway, for the last Top 10 Tuesday of 2010, here are my 10 most memorable posts this year -- thanks for spending another year with me!

-The Kitten in the Laundry Bag

-A personal note

-Executive Chef Happy Herbivore?

-My Vegan Diet

-The story of my my cookbook?

- HH turns 4! and a short history

- smoothies (I can't believe how these smoothies took twitter by storm!)

- vegan dogs (and homemade vegan dog food)

- memorable HH recipes

- The inspirational interview series: Beth, the Brunks, Philip, Bethany, Carol, Laura, Chef AJ, Kate (part 1, part 2), Matt (part 1, part 2), Natala, Courtney, Candice & Megan.

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