Southern Slaw Dogs (Vegan, Fat-Free)

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My experience with telling people I keep a vegan diet has been largely positive. Although there have been a few harsh responses here and there, most people are impressed and curious. They want to know more about my diet and what it is that I eat. The most popular question I get asked is if I miss anything. I always struggle to come up with an answer, which is a good thing -- it's a testament that I really don't miss anything from my pre-vegan days. 

Of course, on occasion I'll get a hankering for something and my solution has always been to recreate a vegan (and healthy!) version instead. It's for this reason you'll find recipes for baked donuts, corn dogs, nachos, chocolate chip cookies, French toast, spinach & artichoke dip, cheesecake & many other "comfort" foods on (Just wait till you see all the comfort food in my cookbook -- I even have a pot roast recipe!)

Which brings me to today's post. A few days ago, Scott & I were musing over the years we lived in Charleston, South Carolina since we'll be returning for a reunion this Fall. During our last summer there, Scott & I must have visited Jack's Cosmic Dogs every weekend. It was close to where we lived and the "solution" for days when it was too hot to cook (and during a South Carolina summer, every day is too hot to cook).

We always ordered the same thing: A Southern Slaw Dog with orange soda. It's been years since we've had one of these hot dogs and I decided to recreate them this 4th of July. The fat-free vegan version was a smashing success! I dare say these hot dogs are even better!

I used "Jumbo" vegan hot dogs complete with lightly toasted whole wheat hot dog buns and topped the dogs with the fat-free chili and fat-free veggie slaw from my upcoming cookbook. You could easily replicate these dogs with any vegan chili or slaw.

And since Scott & I used to wash the Charleston Southern-Slaw Dogs down with old fashioned Orange Soda, I thought this was a perfect time to try Zevia's orange soda... which was the perfect compliment!

I hope everyone had a special (and safe) 4th of July!

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