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Season 1: Episode 32

Dagney shares how she's overcoming health challenges on a plant-based diet

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Lindsay chats with annual meal plan subscriber Dagney, a mother and a grandmother who admits that she’s not very good at taking care of herself. Although Dagney faces some health challenges, she shares the major strides she has made since adopting a plant-based diet! Tune in to this episode of the Meal Mentor Podcast to hear about Dagney’s experiences in taking charge of her health, discussing nutrition with her family, and the importance of having a supportive, positive community.

More about this episode:

  • Dagney shares her ultimate health goal, and the amazing progress she's made!
  • How can you make the meal plans work in a mixed diet household?
  • Why the diet Dagney's nutritionist prescribed didn't work.
  • Which plant-based doctor inspired Dagney to make a change?
  • Dagney shares a helpful tip she learned on the Meal Mentor forums.
  • Plus, much more about making the plant-based lifestyle more doable!


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Meal Mentor Co-Pilot Podcast

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