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Season 2: Episode 56

Cultivating health on the inside AND the outside with Stacy

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Meal Mentor member and former Herbie of the Week Stacy shares how a plant-based diet helped her finally improve her cholesterol, reduce inflammation in her joints and how she uses the meal plans to refuel her body after her workouts. Don't miss this episode of the Meal Mentor Podcast to hear Stacy get honest about her struggle with binge eating, and how she uses her experience on a plant-based diet in her nursing career!

More about this episode:

  • Why weight loss doesn't always equal health.
  • Stacy elaborates on her journey with inflammatory arthritis, and how she sorts through conflicting information.
  • How can the meal plans function in a mixed diet household?
  • Can you use Meal Mentor if you're not trying to lose weight?
  • How to get honest about calories burnt exercising.
  • A discussion on being an advocate for your own health.

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Stacy's Herbie of the Week story

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Proteinaholic by Dr. Garth Davis

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How the Plant-Based Diet Made Me an Overeater

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