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Season 2: Episode 59

Achieving balance and finding empowerment with Karen

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Member Karen joins Lindsay on this episode of the Meal Mentor Podcast to discuss her journey to a plant-based diet, including finding balance within her community, religion, and self. Karen also shares how the meal plans have simplified her life, and how structure can create a sense of freedom. Don't miss a discussion on fitting treats into a healthy diet, allowing others to experience their own journey, and much more about growing into a plant-based lifestyle.

More about this episode

  • How to overcome kitchen anxiety!
  • The most effective way to educate others about a plant-based diet.
  • How the meal plans create appreciation for other cultures.
  • Why the forums are the perfect place for a shy person!
  • How to cultivate strong, healthy relationships that support your goals.
  • What it means to parent yourself, plus actionable tips for controlling your environment.

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